Sports Medicine Seminars

These following seminars are available at the Animal PT Center as part of our Sports Medicine Series. We are able to offer one or more of these classes at other facilities upon request. Please contact Lin McGonagle via email ( for possible dates, fee schedule and any other questions you may have.

Preventing Injuries in your Dog

There are many ways we can help prevent injury in our dogs. In this seminar you will learn proper techniques for warm-up and cool-down, active and passive stretches, relaxation massage, when to use heat and cold as well as identify key areas of potential injury. 2-3 hours.

Something’ s not right!

We all have instincts about our dog’s behavior and movement.  We know when something’s not right, but don’t always know what to do next.  Lin McGonagle, physical therapist and veterinary technician, will guide you through the steps to take to find out what is wrong and what to do about it. This seminar will provide you with a basic understanding  of canine anatomy, body structure, muscle function, joint movement and gait . Hands-on sessions and video will help you learn what  “normal” is for your dog. 3-4 hours.

Common Injuries in the Canine Athlete

As in any sport, there are risks that come with all the fun! This seminar will provide a foundation for understanding the most common injuries related to canine sport activities. Dr. Susan Yanoff will answer all your questions about causes of injury, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and  prognosis for returning to competition. Rehabilitation case studies will be presented to demonstrate our success in guiding dogs back into competition. 3-4 hours

Balls, Peanuts, Eggs, Discs and Donuts!

What kind of breakfast omelet is this?! Are you trying to make sense of all the hype about using rolling and bouncing objects? Let us help you sort out fact from fiction when adding in proprioception and balance into your dog’s training program. Bring your dog and lots of special treats; we will provide the rest. You don’t need any equipment to participate – we have all sizes of balls, rocker boards, rolling platforms, peanuts, donuts, discs,  boxes of different shapes and, yes, even an egg for you to try.  You will go home knowing which balance equipment works best for you and your dog and how to get started on a basic program. Advanced lessons for individuals or groups can be arranged in the future. 3 hours

Conditioning for the Canine Athlete

This seminar outlines a comprehensive program to help your dog reach his or her optimum fitness level.   Regardless of what  sport you choose , every conditioning program should include speed work, endurance, strengthening, flexibility and balance/proprioception.  You will learn and practice activities that are useful  for each of these areas. Sport specific modifications and Nutrition for the performance dog will be discussed. 4 hours.

Please note: Individualized  programs  based on your goals and your dog’s needs are available by appointment with Lin McGonagle, MSPT, LVT

Sensational Seniors

Osteoarthritis affects 20-30% of dogs. This seminar will address common symptoms, diagnosis, how to identify pain, options for treatment, supplements, physical therapy techniques you can use at home, benefits of acupuncture and chiropractic techniques, how to keep your dog comfortable and continue to compete.  2 hours

Knee Injuries in the Canine Athlete

One of the most common injuries in active dogs is knee injury, specifically the cruciate ligament. Our orthopedic specialist, Dr. Susan Yanoff, will describe various types of knee injuries, what causes them, and how they are diagnosed and treated medically. Lin McGonagle, physical therapist, will present information on rehabilitation in knee injuries. 1.5 hours


Agility for Agility

In this seminar you will learn how to improve YOUR fitness, speed and agility so that you can maneuver easily around every course, sail through front and rear crosses , and keep up with the most energetic of dogs.  Discover your current fitness level, work with our physical therapist, Lin McGonagle, to use agility ladders, hurdles, rings and cones to help you reach your potential. You will have opportunities to practice drills that you can make a part of your training routine right away.   Advanced lessons for individuals or groups can be arranged in the future. 3.5 hours

Preventing Injuries for Handlers

Many times we focus on our dogs, family, dogs, work, did I say dogs?, and home concerns but don’t make time for ourselves. If you would like to avoid being dependent on braces, splints, ace wraps, or  medication when you trial, then sign up now! Emphasis will be placed on  learning  proper warm-up, cool-down, stretches and exercises every handler should know, in whatever sport you and your dog like to play. LEAVE YOUR DOG AT HOME and bring a friend!  2-3 hours.

Additional topics:

Physical Therapy for Animals- a one to two hour presentation introducing the field of physical therapy, goals of intervention, types of treatments and how they benefit animals. Case studies help to demonstrate the rehabilitation process. This presentation can be useful for student groups at high school and college level as a way to explore this innovative career or for groups interested in how physical therapy is applied in veterinary medicine.

Massage for your Dog – a 30 minute presentation on how to offer this relaxation technique to your dog. Handout provided. Hands on sessions with individual instruction can be added into the program.