Underwater Treadmill

Individual  treatment:   $45-$65 per session

The initial session involves a quick recheck of your dog’s condition and orienting you and your dog to the treadmill. Actual time in the treadmill tank is usually less than 15 minutes the first session to make sure your dog has a positive experience and wants to come back! We want your dog to play with toys, accept treats, become used to the water level changing, and learn to walk while the “floor” is moving. As your dog accommodates to this treatment, the sessions will last longer, sometimes up to 30-45 minutes. It is important to remember that walking in the water may seem easy, but can be physically demanding even for short periods of time.  There are several ways to increase the challenge of this treatment and in doing so, increase strength: extend the treatment time, increase water height, increase speed and add resistance either through using the jets, theraband, floatation devices or manual facilitation. We will progress your dog in a safe manner, matching his physical abilities and needs.

Package Rate – 10 sessions  (10% discount)

You and your dog are important to us! We want to reward you for making a commitment to your dog to use the underwater treadmill. We are happy to offer you a discount of 10 percent when you sign up for a package of 10 sessions. This discount is equivalent to one free treatment in the underwater treadmill. In order to take advantage of the discount you need to sign up at the time of your initial treatment. We are not able to offer retroactive discounts.  This discount does not apply to any additional modalities.

Additional modalities    $25-30 depending on time

Your dog may benefit from massage, laser, therapeutic ultrasound, or muscle stimulation. If these treatments are provided, the fee is based on the time your therapist spends on this service in addition to the underwater treadmill.

Any dog who is recovering from a surgery or medical procedure needs to have a written referral from a veterinarian to clear the patient for underwater treadmill treatments.