Sports Medicine Clinic

Dr. Susan Yanoff, DVM, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon and Lin McGonagle, MSPT, LVT, Specialist in Canine Rehabilitation and Conditioning  work as a professional team to provide you with a thorough Sports Medicine Evaluation.

A thorough evaluation is the first step in helping you and your dog get back to sport, play and a normal routine. We believe it is critical to have a clear diagnosis before you can treat a problem. Our Team Evaluation will give you the detailed information you need. If more diagnostics are necessary, we will guide you towards specific tests. We recommend that you have a Team evaluation completed before radiographs are taken so that we can identify the correct location to explore, often saving you money and less anesthesia exposure for your dog.

The evaluation  usually  takes one hour to one and a half hours and includes:

  1. Gait and Body Structure analysis
  2. Video Analysis
  3. Observation on agility/obedience equipment  or in field to assess performance
  4. Orthopedic and Neurological assessment
  5. Soft tissue examination for sport specific injuries
  6. Recommendations for joint supplements
  7. Pain Management
  8. Referral for further diagnostics if needed
  9. Individualized Treatment Program based on your goals
  10. Explanation of surgical options if appropriate
  11. Documentation of Team Evaluation results and plan

We are happy to collaborate with your local veterinarian or you can refer yourself to our clinic. You will receive a copy of your dog’s evaluation via email within a few days after your appointment. To set up an appointment , email .