Pool Rules


All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and in good health. Owners will provide proof of rabies and vaccination certification on request. So, Puppies have to be patient until they are 4 months old!

Dogs with infectious or contagious conditions, such as ear, eye or skin infections are not allowed in the pool.  Owners should not make appointments to swim until the condition is clear.

We hope to include ALL dogs in the fun with a few exceptions… No females in heat (you are welcome back later!) No dogs with open wounds or skin abrasions, irritations, no dogs who are aggressive, no dogs with heart or breathing conditions, seizures or non-stable fractures.

Please avoid swimming if you have used a flea product like Frontline or Advantage on your dog in the past 2 weeks. The chemicals can accumulate in the water and could affect sensitive dogs and staff who use the pool.


Dogs must be on a leash when not in the pool and supervised at all times by the owner.

For safety reasons, your dog must have a harness or life jacket on when swimming. A long line attached to the harness or life jacket may or may not be needed depending on the judgment of the Animal PT Center staff.

Only one dog in the pool at a time. One family can split a 30 minute session between two of their dogs as long as each dog has had an initial visit with Animal PT Center staff.

Owners are not allowed in the pool for insurance reasons. You can be an active cheerleader and playmate from the side of the pool. Please do not bring young children to your swim appointment unless you have another adult to supervise them. Your dog will need your constant attention during your swim appointment.

Animal PT Center staff reserves the right to refuse treatment to any dog if judged to be in the best interest of the


Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs when on the premises.

Please ensure that your dog has eaten at least 3 hours prior to your swim time. Make sure your dog has eliminated
prior to swimming. If your dog defecates in the pool, your session will be ended and a cleaning fee of $ 100 will be
applied due to additional chemicals and water exchange that will be required. Dogs after your appt will also have to
be cancelled so you are affecting others as well as the water and equipment. If your dog repeatedly defecates in the
water, Animal PT Center reserves the right to refuse the swim opportunity.

To keep the pool clean for everyone, your dog should be fairly well groomed for your swim appointment. Dogs
that are muddy, have burrs, sticks or other forms of nature will have to be cleaned by owners. Dogs with long coats
and undercoats should be brushed prior to your appointment to avoid excessive hair accumulation in the pool.
Animal PT Center staff has the right to refuse swim time and ensure that owners groom their dogs as part of their
30 minutes session prior to entering into the pool.


Owners are responsible for bringing their own towels, treats and toys.

Please be respectful of our staff’s time and other client appointments. If you are late, it will shorten YOUR swim
time. The full fee will be required. Each 30 minute session includes any prep time, swim time, drying off and clean
up. Please be respectful of others who are waiting for their turn.

We appreciate at least 24 hour notice to change a scheduled appointment.