Pool Program

The heated indoor pool is 10’x30’ and is a great way to keep your dog in shape during the winter or anytime of the year!  The buoyancy of the water allows the dog to take the stess off of joints while subtly strengthening muscles. Come have some fun and join us on “Splash Days”!


Initial Visit $40

On your initial visit , you will fill out a our registration forms and then our staff will review our pool rules, complete a brief screening, and fit your dog with a harness or life jacket, all to help make your dog’s experience safe and fun. We will orient you and your dog to the facility and how to enter and exit the pool. Your dog’s swimming skills will be evaluated in the pool and the appropriate swim program will be determined.

U Swim $15

The U swim program is for owners who wish to swim their dogs by themselves. No protocol will be recommended by the staff of the Animal PT Center. The owner is totally responsible for the safety and well being of their dog and themselves while in and out of the pool. Animal PT Center staff will be on hand but no formal supervision will be provided.

Supervised Swim $25

The Supervised Swim is for owners who wish to have some minimal assistance with their dog’s swim program. Animal PT Center staff will be available to answer questions and give suggestions for activities, length of swim time and rest time, and play options. Supervision for guidance and minimal physical assistance getting your dog in /out of the pool is available, especially for larger dogs.

Assisted Swim $45-60

The Assisted Swim program is for dogs that need moderate to more involved physical assistance to get in/out of the pool or for physical assistance with swimming in the pool. Assisted swim may be for a dog with physical issues such as weakness, arthritis, or recovering from a surgery. Therapeutic exercise, passive range of motion and massage in the water can be provided as part of this service. Any dog who is recovering from a surgery or medical procedure must have a written referral from a veterinarian to clear the patient for swim activity.

Assisted swim may also be for inexperienced or beginner swimmers to ensure confidence and safety. A beginner swimmer may start with this level and progress to less assistance as he/she gains skill with swimming.


View Pool Rules >> HERE