Arena Rental

Indoor Arena:

 $20/hour for individual

$25/ hour for small groups (2-4 people)

$30/hour for class instruction,  lectures or groups of 5 or more people

$250/day for seminars, $125 for half day

 Fee includes use of agility or obedience equipment. Setting up equipment counts as part of rental time. Renter is responsible for replacing or repairing any equipment that is damaged or broken during rental period. With weekend seminars or training, heated crating area may be available on an individual basis.

If bathroom in treatment center is needed, renting group can  contribute towards pumping holding tank at $50/day.

Cancellation Policy: 25% of rental fee is owed to Animal PT Center if renter cancels with less than a weeks notice. 50% of rental fee is owed if 24 hours or less notice of cancellation is given, except in extreme weather.

 Proof of Insurance:  Renter will provide a copy of the groups’ liability insurance coverage naming Animal PT Center as an additional insured with the dates of the rental period.

No Smoking on the property. Dogs are to be on Leash at all times.